A long time ago, there was a sorcerer—a mage who ruled the valley, which was the place where apprenticed sorcerers were trained. and is the source of many skilled magicians. But as time passed, conflicts between sorcerers and sorceresses arose. causing them to join the rebellion to resist and try to overthrow the throne of the Sorcerer.

In the end, that sorcerer was defeated by the power of a group of rebellious sorcerers who secretly planned to overthrow the throne. But before the sorcerer's parents died, they gave birth to two children named IRIS and LOKI.

These are sisters, but from the event of the overthrow of the throne. A mage who is loyal to the sorcerer fights back to protect the sorcerer's child and tries to get the two girls out of the valley safe and sound.

But with insufficient strength, the loyal mage was able to protect and bring only one child of their sorcerer to safety. and another remained in the valley with the rebels. Because the rebels had already thought that the child who had left the valley would surely come and reclaim the throne. Therefore, they raised another child so that one day the sisters would fight each other until they died.

15 years later, IRIS knows that she has a twin sister. So he began to look for his sister. Iris's adventure begins from now on. With companions Kane and Venus joining in on this journey, the three of them fight together against monsters along the way. To find the missing twin sister, What happens next, stay tuned in AniFi World.

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