Rewards (Smart Oracle)

Rewards are the most important thing in any GameFi. We have learned about a lot of different rewarding methods based on other GameFi projects. We have concluded that an oracle price system is good for players to secure their ROI days, but it also has its downsides being that it can destroy the entire system if players get too many assets.

Therefore, we designed a reward system that has the best of both worlds and will call it "Smart Oracle".

How does it work ?

It works similar to the oracle price system that most people are already familiar with. The rewards are determined based on BUSD value and are paid out in $ANIFI. Where our “Smart Oracle” deviates from a typical Oracle is that we will limit the distributed rewards per day to make sure that too much $ANIFI isn’t distributed while also keeping rewards high enough to keep people playing.

When players finished a stage $ANIFI will be pending on their dashboard and it will be processed at the end of the day when players will be able to claim it. If a day has more $ANIFI pending than our Smart Oracle will allow then claimable $ANIFI will be distributed as a weighted average to players.

Example - If a player has 18% of the total $ANIFI pending for a certain day but our Smart Oracle shows the limit has been reached then that person would receive 18% of the days allotment.

We believe that with this method the market will adjust and balance itself. This will make sure that our players ROI is not only stable but also sustainable. As a direct result of this, our Smart Oracle system will also help $ANIFI maintain and strong price.

Claim the rewards

There is a 30% early withdrawal tax when claiming your rewards of claimable $ANIFI. This fee will be reduced by 2% each day from the first play or the last claim, and so on until it reaches 0% and you can claim without tax.

NFT Minting Price

The Oracle price system will be applied to the mint price of NFT’s and any assets players can buy from our shop. Doing this will secure the entry price and make it easier for new players to join and start playing AniFi World.

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