Battle (PVE)

Battle in PVE will be the first game mode we will release in AniFi World.

The gameplay style is a semi-turn based game; a hybrid between turn base and real time strategy.

AniFi World will have a total of 20 stages with different monsters. Players have to set up their team with up to 5 heroes to fight in each stage. To enter a stage, players have to spend stamina. Each stage will cost a different amount of stamina to enter.

Each stage will be separated to 5 waves of monsters to fight. Players have to choose 3 heroes from your set up team (up to 5 heroes) to destroy the monsters in a wave. (The fight will be automatically processed by the game system)

After finishing a wave, players will get rewards ($ANI) and EXP for your 3 heroes that destroyed the monsters.

Then players can choose your heroes from your team (choose 3 out of the 5) to fight against the next wave of monsters.

Upon finishing a wave, the HP of your heroes will not go back to 100%. This means you will have to create a strategy that insures you finish the entire stage in order to maximize the return of stamina.

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